Welcome to the Wessex Portal, an online community created by the Faculty of Science & Technology at Bournemouth University in order to promote a better understanding of our regional and international environment.

Meet the team:

Professor Genoveva Esteban is the Principal Investigator in this project. Dr Esteban’s research focuses on biodiversity at the microbial level. She has a great interest in public engagement and works with schools to promote STEM subjects.




Katie Thompson, a Project Manager for the Wessex Portal at Bournemouth University since January 2016. She has a BSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and a strong interest in public engagement. She is also working towards a PhD of African wildlife conservation, focusing on Elephant conservation and a network of other projects.


Jack Dazley studies BSc Biological Sciences at Bournemouth University, and is carrying out research in microbiology subjects. He is a Research Assistant for the Wessex Portal and has been involved with the project since February.  Jack also has a interest in public engagement and actively participates with many activities involved with schools and the university.



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