Richard Rowley

MRes student at Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science

My research begins with investigating the accuracy, precision and resolution of Structure from Motion (SfM) – 3D computational modelling using photographs – for recording cultural heritage at both object and site level. The practicalities of using SfM alongside other spatially referenced datasets, within the wider suite of contemporary geomatics, will then be explored, considering underwater and intertidal sites alongside those on dry land. In the longer term, I will be exploring the potential applications of such datasets to computational modelling for the management of cultural heritage in-situ: monitoring, and possibly predicting, change over time. I specialise in using digital technologies to investigate and promote the historic environment, in particular within the coastal and marine sectors. Although my work can involve cultural heritage from any era or area, I am especially interested in post-industrial revolution Europe and in maritime, aviation and contemporary conflict archaeologies. Many of my case studies are in Hampshire, Dorset and Normandy; frequently investigating D-Day and its preparations.

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Supervisor: Dave Parham