African Elephant

Today is #TerrestrialTuesday! Terrestrial simply means anything that lives on land, so today we would like you to meet our giant friend.

“Colour me in so I can graze!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am an African elephant and I am the biggest land mammal on earth. I can walk up to 65km a day because I have to eat a lot of food because of my huge size. I have a very versatile trunk, and the tip is made up of two opposable extensions, just like fingers, that I can grab food with! Even though I am a giant, I am afraid of bees because their stings have hurt my friends! I have some questions for you:

1. What do I eat?
2. Why do I need to cover myself in mud and dust (apart from it being fun!)?
3. What is the name of a female elephant that leads a group of elephants?”

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