507m-year-old fossil sheds light on evolution of crabs

Posted on 05/12/2017

Living 507 million years ago, this animal was one of the first arthropods, a group which includes spiders, crabs and insects. With 50 pairs of legs and a pair of sharp pincers, it was a predator which likely used its pincers to tear the flesh of soft bodied animals, much like crabs today.

Meganeura Insects 

Posted on 04/12/2017

Living around 300 million years ago, Meganeura was one of the largest flying insects to live, existing in a time where much of the UK was covered in dense forests of club moss. Meganeura was a carnivore, feeding on other insects and small reptiles.
(Image credit – Emily Willoughby)

Ammonites from the Dorset Coat Digital Archive 

Ammonites were one of the most successful groups of invertebrates, with many different species found across the world, from species which could be held in the palm of your hand to giants over 1 metre in diameter. Closely related to the octopus, squid and cuttlefish, their closest living relative is the elusive Nautilus which has a chambered shall similar to the ammonites.

Image Credit: Dorset County Museum

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