Fab Five: Week 1 Answers

Week Commencing 23/03/2020

Species 1: Axolotl

1.Where do I live?

In Mexico, and I am only found in freshwaters

2. What do I eat?

I am carnivorous, and I eat small prey such as worms, insects and small fish in the wild

3. How can you help me and my friends?

Reduce pollution in the waters to provide me with suitable habitat

Species 2: Tarsier

1.Which country do I live in?

I can now only be found on islands in south-east Asia

2. What do I eat?

I am the only primate that is just carnivorous, eating insects but sometimes eat birds and snakes

3. How big am I when I am fully grown?

Between 9.7cm to 13.2cm, and did you know that my eyes make up almost half of my body!

Species 3: Pangolin

1.Where do I live?

I am found in both Africa and Asia

2. What do I like to eat?

I love eating ants and termites and use my long tongue to catch them

3. Do I like to come out at night (nocturnal) or the day (diurnal)?”

I am nocturnal and like to spend most of the daytime sleeping, curled up in a ball

Species 4: Triceratops

1.What did I eat?

I was herbivorous, meaning I ate plants

2. How big was I when I was fully grown?

I was estimated to have reached about 7.9 to 9 metres in length, 2.9 to 3.0m in heights and 6.1 to 12.0 tonnes in weight

3. Where was my first fossil found?

By George Lyman Cannon near Denver, Colorado in the spring of 1887

Species 5: Sloth

1.How often do I eat?

I eat at night, foraging for different foods including leave fruits and shoots

2. Which way does my fur grow?

I am the only mammal whose hair grows in the opposite direction from the hair of other mammals, my hair grows upwards to help with my upside-down life!

3. How long do I sleep a day?

Sometimes I can sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day!