Fab Five: Week 3 Answers

Week Commencing 06/04/2020

Species 1: Atlantic salmon

1.What do I eat?

I eat insects, invertebrates and plankton when I am young

2. What do you think I find on my journey to the sea and back?

I swim out to the Atlantic into rich feeding grounds. I primarily feed on fish such as capelin, herring and sand eel.

3. How large do I get?

I can grow up to 28-30 inches after two years at sea.

Species 2: African elephant

1.How big do I grow up to?

I can grow up to 8-13 feet from shoulder to toe!

2. Why do I need to cover myself in mud and dust (apart from it being fun!)?  

I cover myself in mud as it acts as a natural sun cream and stops me from getting burnt

3. What is the name of a female elephant that leads a group of elephants?

She is called a Matriarch

Species 3: Tardigrade

1.How big am I?

I range from 0.3 to 0.55 mm in length, although the largest species may reach 1.2mm

2. Where do I live?

I can be found in almost everywhere on earth. I am often found on lichens and mosses because that’s where I like the most

3. What do I like to eat?

I feed on plant and animal cells. Some of us are known to eat entire live organisms (microbes of course) such as rotifers.

Species 4: Velociraptor

1.What did I eat?

I was a carnivore that hunted and scavenged for food. I spent a lot of time eating small things which included reptiles, amphibians, insects, small dinosaurs and mammals

2. When did I live on the earth?

Fossils of me have been found in the Gobi Desert

3. Where was my first fossil found?

My first fossil was found in Mongolia in 1924!

Species 5: Indian Hornbill

1.What do I eat?

I love to eat fruit! My diet mainly consists of fruit, insects and small mammals  

2. Which countries do I live in?

I can be found in the forest of India, Bhutan, Mainland Southeast Asia, Sumatra and North eastern region of India!

3. How big can I grow?

I grow up to 95-120cm!