BU2025: A new vision

Bournemouth University 2025 (BU2025) vision has been released. BU2025 is the next step in BU’s development, building on our success. We have retained the core of what makes BU different, and the culture and approach that our students and staff value.

Our values

We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We value and respect diversity and act to ensure that we are inclusive.

We are imaginative, innovative and create solutions to problems.

We take responsibility for the impact of our actions and focus our activity as a learning community on making a positive contribution to society.

Fusion themes

Fusion themes for BU2025 are the following:

• Business & Economic Sustainability

• Digital & Technological Futures

• Environment, Culture & Heritage

• Global Security

• Health & Wellbeing

To find out more about BU2025 including outcomes and strategic plans, you can visit Bournemouth University online or view the pdf leafet here: BU2025