Welcome to the Wessex Portal, an online community created by the Faculty of Science & Technology at Bournemouth University in order to promote a better understanding of our regional and international environment.

Meet the team:

Professor Genoveva Esteban is the Principal Investigator in this project. Dr Esteban’s research focuses on biodiversity at the microbial level. She has a great interest in public engagement and works with schools to promote STEM subjects.

Katie Thompson, a Project Manager for the Wessex Portal at Bournemouth University since January 2016. She has a BSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and a strong interest in public engagement. She is also working towards a PhD of African wildlife conservation, focusing on Elephant conservation and a network of other projects.

Jack Dazley studies BSc Biological Sciences at Bournemouth University, and is carrying out research in microbiology subjects. He is a Research Assistant for the Wessex Portal and has been involved with the project since February.  Jack also has an interest in public engagement and actively participates with many activities involved with schools and the university.

Contant Katie directly via: thompsonk@bournemouth.ac.uk for more information

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