Jack Dazley

MRes student at Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences 

Jack Dazley  is a Masters research student whose work is primarily focused on the feeding behaviour and biodiversity of ciliated protozoa; tiny single celled organisms less than a millimetre in size which can be found in a variety of habitats. His research aims to understand the mechanisms of prey selection by these organisms, with particular emphasis on diatoms; microscopic plants with a glass-like shell. Ciliates form a fundamental part of the microzooplankton in aquatic environments, providing food for larger zooplankton species (mesozooplankton) such as rotifers and copepods, and Jack’s research will incorporate microbial diversity into higher trophic level food webs of aquatic ecosystems.

Jack also has wider interests in biodiversity and conservation of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, from megafauna to microbial species, and also in the paleoecology of extinct species and their ecosystems. Jack is heavily involved in public engagement in the faculty, having delivered guest lectures at BU, and has run stalls for several of BU’s public engagement events, including the festival of learning and the Bournemouth air festival.

Research Links: LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twitter
Supervisor: Professor Genoveva Esteban