Ben Thornes

SERT – Orchids on a Reservoir Roof

Tuesday 15th July 2014

SERT, the Student Environment Research Team, is a platform that enables BU Applied Sciences students to gain and demonstrate experience and skills by engaging in beyond-curriculum student-led research relevant to professional practice.

Typically SERT teams consist of a small team of student participants, led by student managers and mentored by a BU academic. All projects have a strong professional practice context and many involve direct collaboration with practitioners.

Over the last few decades the turf on one of the covered reservoirs at Alderney, which houses our drinking water, has developed a large population of Green Winged Orchids (Anacamptis morio) growing on its turf roof.

When the reservoir required a new roof in 2003, its installation meant removing the existing turf. To save the orchids turf (with orchids) was removed in strips and then replaced back on top of the new roof.

This project builds on monitoring that has been carried out since then and aimed to measure the success of the translocation attempt in terms of A) orchid survival, growth and reproduction B) Overall plant community development.

SERT Team:

Jade Furnston (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Katriona Macintyre (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Rosie Nicoll (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Kirsten Cardrick (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Nicola Lamb (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)

Academic Mentor: Dr Anita Diaz

Practitioner collaborator: Esther Laurance, Environmental Performance Manager Operations, Sembcorp Bournemouth Water.

Please see the attached PDF files for the results of this investigation.

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