Ben Thornes

SERT – Warmwell Quarry Meadow & Pond creation

Tuesday 15th July 2014

SERT, the Student Environment Research Team, is a platform that enables BU Applied Sciences students to gain and demonstrate experience and skills by engaging in beyond-curriculum student-led research relevant to professional practice.

Typically SERT teams consist of a small team of student participants, led by student managers and mentored by a BU academic. All projects have a strong professional practice context and many involve direct collaboration with practitioners.

Warmwell Quarry is a spent mineral extraction site near Dorchester, Dorset. As part of the site was no longer used for quarrying it had to be restored under Schedule 5(2) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The owners restored the site for wildlife through the digging of ponds and the sowing of wildflower seed. It was here that SERT carried out botanical surveys for each habitat on site, in order to ascertain the progress of the restoration. Surveys were also undertaken to ascertain whether the site would be suitable for certain target species.

This project surveyed the current wildlife value and considered how the site would change in its suitability for a range of species over the next few years.

SERT Team:

Anna Callam-Anderson (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Jade Furmston (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Katriona Macintyre (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Kirsten Cardrick (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Nicola Lamb (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)
Rosie Nicoll (Ecology & Wildlife Conservation BSc)

Academic Mentor: Dr Anita Diaz

Practitioner Collaborator: Mr Andy Duncan (Principal Landscape Manager, Hanson Quarry Products)

To read the full report, please download the attached PDF.

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