Ben Thornes

Welly Zone Project

Wednesday 16th July 2014

The Dorset Wildlife Trust’s 3-year Welly Zone project aims to investigate Dorset’s intertidal and shallow water habitats. The Welly Zone – from the strandline at high water water to the shallows accessible by wellies – covers a range of different habitats with a huge variety of wildlife from marine to land-based species.

Local people can find out about the wildlife on their local beach by carrying out simple surveys that everyone can do. Volunteer groups are being established along the coast, with identification and training sessions so that people can undertake regular recording and monitoring in their own time. Finds can range from jellyfish and mermaid’s purses washed up on the beach to live sightings of crabs and anemones in the shallows or shore birds feeding on insects on the strandline. All of the records will be used to increase knowledge both of the habitats themselves and of wildlife further out to sea, adding to Dorset’s marine biodiversity database.

To find out more about the project, and how to get involved with surveying, visit the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s website.

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