Student showcase – Justin Schoon

Smolt Run 2022 season

“I was privileged enough to be able to assist GWCT again this year, this time for the annual smolt run. It was thoroughly enjoyable working with the staff I worked with in the summer of 2021 again as well as a couple of staff I didn’t get the chance to work with. I started off working on days with Luke Scott and then shortly moved over to night shifts with Will Beaumont, both of which know so much about what they do and are never short of a story to tell. The rest of my time was spent doing night shifts with Rasmus Lauridsen who I learnt so much from and got advice from for the future. This was really important to me as I hope to go into fish conservation in the future.

Overall, a hugely enjoyable experience once again, and I would like to thank GWCT and SAMARCH for handing me the opportunity. I hope to be back again for the parr tagging in the summer.”