Hunter N. Hines

PhD student at Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences 

Hunter N. Hines is a Ph.D. student working on microbial ecology, focusing on the biogeography and biodiversity of ciliates, a large and diverse group of single-celled eukaryotic organisms.  He is conducting research into ciliate communities found in the tropical aquatic ecosystems present in Florida, USA, such as freshwater ponds. His research to date has included the identification of several novel flagship species; some being first records out of Africa, and/or first records for the Americas.

The recent discoveries of ‘flagship’ ciliates in new locations and also several species of ciliates which are perhaps new to science are the current focus of his research which will include intensive sampling leading to detailed ecological and morphological investigations, with molecular work also ongoing.

Research links: @microbialecology, Researchgate

Supervisor: Professor Genoveva Esteban