Fab Five: Week 2 Answers

Week commencing 30/03/2020

Species 1: Great Hammerhead Shark

1.Where do I live?

I can be found worldwide in tropical waters (warm waters that are 68 degrees or higher)

2. What do I eat?

I am entirely carnivorous, and I like to feed on prey at the seafloors such as stingrays, octopus and squid and other sharks

3. Where do I like to hang out? The coast or deep ocean?

I can be found in coastal waters

Species 2: Giraffe

1.Which country do I live in?

I actually live in several countries across the continent of Africa such as Kenya and South Africa.

2. What are the actual names of the ‘horn’ like structures on my head?

They are called ossicones and both male and female giraffes have them. Males use these for ‘necking’, which is how giraffes fight!  

3. What are a group of giraffes called?

A tower of giraffes!

Species 3: Shoebill bird

1.Where do I live?

I can be found in freshwater swamps of central tropical Africa, from southern Sudan through parts of eastern Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, western Tanzania and northern Zambia

2. What do I like to eat?

I am largely piscivorous, which means that I mainly eat fish!

3. How big can I grow to?

I am a tall bird and I can grow up to 140 cm (43 to 55 inches) tall.

Species 4: Tyrannosaurus Rex

1.What did I eat?

I was carnivorous which meant that I only ate meat

2. How big was I when I was fully grown?

I grew to 13m (42ft) in length and 4m (13ft) at the hip and could weigh up to 7 tonnes!

3. In what time period did I live on the Earth

I lived on earth during the Cretaceous period, around 66 million years ago!

Species 5: Blue iguana

1.What do I eat?

I am herbivorous which means that I only eat plants

2. How big can I grow up to?

I am the largest native land mammal on Grand Cayman and my length from nose-to-tail is 5ft (1.5m)!

3. Where is the Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands, and is located in the Carribbean